Jockeys And Your Preakness Stakes Horse Racing System

Similar to the Kentucky Derby, when it comes to the triple crown races the big boys are always involved. This doesn’t even take into account the increased scrutiny by the public and the betting aficionados. When you look at your Kentucky Derby horse racing system it weighed heavily on past precedence for many factors. One of the key ones was the jockey. After taking a look back at the recent past for the Preakness Stakes we see a similar concept emerge.

In the Derby there are 20 horses and a world of equine craziness that takes part in the longest race of the horses lives to that point. When it comes to the Preakness the length gets a bit better (we have 1/16 mile off of the distance), but we still have a large field, just it is usually closer to a dozen horses. If we look back at what jockeys were on the winning horses and the horses that finish in the money (i.e. first, second or third) we see a pattern emerging. It is pretty similar to what you would expect in that the best jockeys are finishing well. And to be sure, they have the best horses underneath them normally. If we take a detailed look it does improve the field of what consitutes good from what we saw in the Derby where only 3 current jockeys are players in the final.160223142359-spc-cnn-equestrian-nations-cup-al-ain-00003609-super-tease

Without further adieu here is the list of jockeys that have the best chance of being aboard a horse that finishes in the money in the run for the black eyed susans.

1. Kent Desormeaux

Desormeaux is a heavy weight in the jockey circles and his greatness surely shines in the Preakness. At Pimlico he has ridden aboard 2 winners and 3 second place finishers in 12 races in his career. That is a greater than 40% clip of being in the money and a 17% win percentage. Both very impressive. Leave him off your cards at your peril.

2. Mike Smith

On Mike Smith’s website you will see him lauding his many Breeders Cup wins, but he also shines very heavily in the Preakness. In 10 starts in his career at the Preakness he has one first, one second and 2 thirds to his credit. That equates to a 40% in the money clip and a 10% win percentage. Impressive indeed.

3. Albarado

Unlike the Kentucky Derby where Albarado has ridden in 12 races, but only has 2 third places to show for it to go along with no first’s or seconds, Albarado has done very well in the Preakness. In 7 career races he has a first, a second and a third to his name. Again, greater than a 40% in the money clip and 14% win rate. Both are among the best.

4. Calvin Borel39893938-equestrian-wallpapers

I’m going to include him even though he only has a total of 2 rides in this race, but the so called “Bo Rail” has finished in the top 2 in both with a win and a second. Given the way that he has come alive late in his career you had better stand up and take notice.

So there you have it for the top jockeys to know come Preakness weekend. Make sure to note which horses these jockeys are on and bet accordingly. If you don’t include it in your horse racing system you are arguing with history.

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